Food Trip Before the Big D (diet, that is)

My friend Anna and I agreed to start our diets together this July so I am making the most of my remaining two weeks to binge. 

Spiral buffet

I must admit, I am no fun at buffets since I can’t eat much in a short time, but I did enjoy the sushi and cheese spread. I can’t say I’ll be back though, I didn’t really find the food that spectacular and I would rather have ala carte from my favorite restos  anytime.

My first plate – fresh tuna, salmon and oysters!

2nd plate – mushroom mutter, mixed vegetable palao (rice), lamb curry and some hakao

3rd plate – the sinful plate, loaded with peking duck and steak

4th plate -cheese and nuts! For those of you who don’t know, I love cheese!

5th plate – pizza and cold cuts; I didn’t really like this much
And the best part of any meal for me: DESSERT!

Plate # 1 – chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake, fruits and mallows dipped in chocolate, fruit tart, and some mango baileys

Halo halo – seriously, what Pinoy buffet would not have this staple?
Jelly candies, gummy penguins and mallows! I almost melted with delight when I saw these.

Max’s Chicken all you can
Ok, last year, Ipe and I were so disappointed at having missed this promo, so this year, we kind of tried to make up for it. At only Php199 per person, you can have all the chicken you can eat plus a glass of your favorite drink (softdrinks or iced tea). We were playing wise and didn’t upgrade to bottomless drinks and ordered only one cup of rice. 🙂
The score: Ipe – five chicken quarters. Me – three! Yey! So far, this is the only eat all you can that I must say I made the most of. But looking back, I can’t really eat that much chicken; it only sounds good at first but when you’ve stuffed so much down your throat, it starts to lose its appeal. 😛

Heaven and Eggs

I haven’t really frequented this place ever since it changed its theme; whereas it used to be all country with white picket fences, powder blue paint, and swings for dining areas, it’s gone a full 180 degrees — trying to go all rocker vibe with black and red the predominant colors and kinda reminding me of hell. All in all, the impression I got when I first got wind of the change was how trying hard it appeared to be. I mean, you can’t be serving eggs in a hellish-themed resto, it just doesn’t feel right.

And the sentiment remains. The food is still okay but hardly worth coming back for.
Adobo Flakes

Eggs Benedict, not the best I’ve tasted and that’s saying much, considering this is supposed to be an “egg” place

Dong Won Garden
Now, this last stop is probably the most enjoyable because 1) I wasn’t trying to make the most of my hard-earned peso as it was a birthday treat by Lisette, 2) I don’t have high expectations from Korean restos as I have not so good memories of Korean food from my visit to Seoul a couple of years back and 3) I had a good time catching up with my friends from the tax team.
Kimchi – lots of it. And there were three of us girls.
Beef stew – my favorite dish of the day; the meat was so tender and tasted salty and sweet at the same time, right down to the last fiber.
Chicken – I can’t remember if this was grilled but it was really, really good too!
Spicy shrimp. Now, based on the picture alone, you can guess how many bell peppers and chili went into this dish so it was a bit hot. I think the ratio of shrimp to bell peppers is 1:1 though. 😛
Fish! We went all simple on the last dish – just fried and served. Ha!
I think I am missing some other pictures from by week of binge-eating – because I was too busy eating to take pictures. Now, looking at the photos is enough to make me go hungry again.:D

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