Lip Service

Time and again I’ve said that I have extremely sensitive skin, and that applies also to my lips. In fact, I trust only two products for my lips – Smashbox and Model Co, both available at the Beauty Bar. I’ve only started investing in make-up about a year and a half ago (when my former boss took up make-up classes and I got encouraged seeing her whip out her army of beauty products) but I’ve racked up quite a number and here are my favorites from these brands:
Lip gloss set – I love that this comes in small tubes so you don’t tire of one shade because you use it up before you can even think of changing tubes. Plus, it’s so much cheaper!
Got this from the duty free aboard Cebu Pacific for about Php2,000
My fail-safe product though is the O-Gloss, which you can read about here. It’s perfect for daily use, when you don’t want to think about what shade will go with what you’re wearing. 
Nude Lipstick – now, I am not too fond of lippies as I find them too thick for my taste but this was what got me hooked in the first place:
Photo FInish Lipstick in Magnificent, roughly about Php1,000
The photo finish lipstick comes in many shades of nude, varying in intensity to suit your skin tone. It glides on smoothly and doesn’t clump no matter how many retouches you make. Plus my lips never get dry (and believe me, I am prone to dry, chapped lips!) and the best part is, it smells like chocolate!
Red Lipstick/Liner – I think many make up artists prefer lip liners/colors for their precision and color. And color is what this 2 in 1 stick has – a deep, red cranberry. On one end is a liner and on the other is a lipstick so you can fill in the color inwards. It’s very red but in a good way. And again, I must comment Smashbox for the scent – this one smells like freshly shaved wood!
Double Take in Cranberry, Php1,050
Love how the red opens up my face and I don’t have to wear anything else!
Coral lipstick – this is very in season as I noticed a lot of shows and magazines feature this shade on their models so I guess I must be psychic in that I got this way in advance. Hah! I’ve gone to many counters to look for an orangey shade, and so far, this is the best coral lipstick I’ve found.
Satin Lip Couture in Coral, Php1,100
Another bonus is that it comes with its own mirror on the side so you don’t have to look for individual tools in your kikay kit when you do your retouch. Just a note though: this shade is more on the pink side than the orange side of the spectrum, so better test it if it suits your skintone.
PS: I use a MAC lip brush in applying my lipstick and to take care of that and my other make up brushes, I use this:
Brush Cleanser, Php 695
This cleanser is pretty straightforward – just spray it on a piece of tissue, roll your brushes on the tissue until all the make-up is removed and let dry. Another bonus: yep, you guessed it! This product also smells nice, like freshly squeezed coconut! I have rather sensitive nose (to stress my point: I take antihistamines on an almost daily basis because otherwise, I would be sneezing my way through the day) so I am very particular with the fragrance of the products I use.
I still have an uncompleted mission though: I am still on the look out for a creamy orange or cotton candy pink lipstick. Any suggestions? 🙂

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