Make up hoard, rainy day edition

I’ve been reading a lot of raves about the latest cosmetic brand, Majolica Majorca, to hit our stores, and after seeing the cute, girly packaging on its products and learning that it’s the younger sister of Shiseido, I just had to give in. I headed to the nearest SM and came home with this:
face powder, lash expander frame plus mascara, and cream liner


I’ve been wanting to get a face powder for the longest time. My current Paul and Joe powder is a bit shimmery so this one, a no-nonsense plain pressed powder, is a perfect addition to my arsenal. They only carry one shade, though, and it’s a bit on the fair side, so I am not too sure if it would work well with morenas.

The compact kind of reminds me of Sailormoon’s compact, which she uses in her transformation from Usagi Tsukino to Sailormoon:
Photo taken from google images
It figures that they are both Japanese. 🙂
The mascara, I should say, would give Maybelline a run for its money – it’s almost the same price, and it makes my lashes really thick and long. And I appreciate the lash comb in the wand — you can use it to de-tangle/separate your lashes so they don’t get clumped. 
As for the cream liner, hmm, it takes some getting used to. I’ve been using my Smashbox gel liner using an eyeliner brush and I never really mastered the art of using the brush, although it’s angled to make application a breeze, so I was more than willing to try a pencil liner. But I’ve always been under the impression that pencil liners are too severe so I chose a cream-based pencil-type liner. However, I found that this one makes little clumps when it hits my bottom lashes. Plus, it smudges very easily and I end up getting racoon eyes a few hours after application.
I would recommend the powder and the mascara, especially since they come very cheap (all Majolica products are priced lower than Php1,000), and they are from a trusted cosmetics company (the leading Japanese cosmetics firm, by the way). And I don’t know how long the promo is, but they are giving away a clear tote when you purchase a total of Php2,000 in a single receipt. 
* Majolica available at SM make-up counters and Watson’s.

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