Food Trip: Mom and Tina’s

I didn’t have any grand celebration for my 30th as my weekend was chock full of things to do and places to visit (plus, I was super tired and didn’t have time to organize a mini-get together) but hubby managed to drag me for dinner the day after at one of our favorite places: Mom and Tina’s.
I haven’t been to this place in months! Perhaps even in a year. Not because I don’t like the food, because I do, but more because it has been under the radar and a bit out of way (the branches are across SM Hypermart in Pasig and near the Prince Condo in Makati, near Greenbelt). I love the interiors of this place, reminds me of a country home with its oak furniture (though I doubt it’s really oak :P) and floral wallpaper. Cozy.
Mango Kani salad – i love the bits of seaweed, gives it an interesting taste
Main Course:
Shepherd’s Pie – melt in your mouth mashed potato with ground pork
Both are served with yummy, freshly-baked bread (I think it’s potato), which on its own, is enough to fill me.
Sansrival – Ipe can’t stop gushing about this

Sugar-free mango walnut torte – hmm, I can’t decide on this one. I like the walnuts but I’m rather disappointed with the overall taste. Maybe because I got the sugar-free version?
Prices are okay – each main dish cost around Php180 and dessert at Php100. What more can you ask for? 😛

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