Museo Pambata

There are very few kid-friendly tourist attractions in the country, so Ipe and I were both excited to attend the birthday celebration of my high school bff Mheng’s second baby yesterday at the Museo Pambata. We had some scheduling conflicts but thank goodness we were able to go as Joey enjoyed it tremendously.
Daddy and the kid enjoying the food.

Ok, so I pigged out again for the 2nd time this weekend.

Too bad the instructions were in Tagalog and Joey had a hard time keeping up. 😦
Now, Joey didn’t get to participate much in the party games but he sure more than made up for it during the museum tour.
The Museo Pambata, located at the old Elks Club headquarters along Roxas Boulevard (near the US embassy, Manila Hotel, you get the picture), was initially built in 1910 to house the  Elks Club, a group of American businessman. Over the years, it has been home to various organizations and museums, until it was finally turned in to a children’s museum in 1994. Entrance fee is at Php100 per head which, I might add, is totally worth it, looking at how well-kept the place is and noting that it is air-conditioned as well, so kids need not sweat while running around the place.
Even before we entered the place, Joey already had lots of fun riding the chopper at the parking lot and looking at the miniature jeepneys.
Probably my favorite display is the typical bahay na bato, scaled down to fit kids below 7 yrs old. The furniture are all fit for kids. 🙂
There are various sections all devoted to making the museum experience interactive and fun and not bore your kid. In short, the goal here is to make your kids feel like they’re playing while learning basic science, history, and home economics. Joey totally enjoyed it and didn’t even once ask to go home early.
My other favorite, the marketplace:
The sweet little kid served his mom and dad with “food” from a carinderia stall
And of course, Joey enjoyed the cars the most – firetrucks, trains, etc. He even tricked his dad into joining him in the fire truck, with matching cap!
Now, this one, is probably Ipe’s favorite – a miniature Binondo church, complete with miniature altar.
You can open the door (or crawl, if you’re small enough) to go inside the “Binondo church”

And one of Joey’s favorites, the tree house:

The place is quite huge and it took us two hours to complete the tour. Needless to say, when you take your kids to this place, be sure to stack up on energy and drink lots of water. You’ll need it for when you chase across rooms and stairs for your kid. 
* Apologies for the crappy photos. I haven’t seen the need yet to get me a new cam (or rather, the hubby would not let me buy a new cam) so I am kinda working on just my crappy phone and I could never figure out the correct settings indoors (hey, it is crappy considering that it’s supposed to have a high pixel like my previous phone, but takes crappier photos than the hubby’s three year old phone).

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