Kutz and Ernan’s Wedding: 070211

I am a sucker for weddings – I love seeing the gown of the bride and the entourage and I always feel blessed that my friends would want me there. 
This time, it was for my friend Kutz’s 2nd wedding. Yes, you read that right: 2nd. What can I say? They just love each other so much they had to do round 2.

The very lovely couple

What can I say, this wedding was impeccably planned. Now it’s confirmed: Kutz is a control/neat freak. Hahaha. Anyway,the church ceremony was already halfway when I got there (fine, I overslept having done some OT work the night before, and couldn’t figure out what to wear). I would have hit myself if I missed it. I’m not really in favor of those who go straight to the reception – it’s just tacky and you look like you’re just in it for the food. I would rather miss the reception but not the church ceremony. But to each his own. 🙂
But boy, the food was great. And the thoughtful couple that they are, guests were served cocktails while they had their photo shoot at the church. Wasn’t able to snap pics of the cocktails though as my hands were full with my glass and hors d’oeuvre. Hahaha!
Scattered around the garden of Blue Leaf were select photos from their prenup shoot, which had a John & Yoko theme. I have to say, this is very creative and the concept was very well executed. I can’t even remember any friends of mine having themed prenups (I personally wanted to have a fairytale theme for our own, complete with floral crowns and wings and garden-y scenes but Ipe would obviously not have approved) so this is a first and I just keep looking back at their prenup album. And note that they didn’t even go far as the pics were taken right in their neighborhood. 🙂

 Of course, my friends and former colleagues from my previous employer  had to take advantage of the location and had our own photoshoot.

This was supposed to be a Temptation Island thing but I guess we were too smiley-faced for it to work

Cute: our seat assignments are themed as well. Our table was the yellow submarine.

Once inside, I just had to take pictures of the centerpiece. The pastel colors of the flowers (which were I think similar to what the bridal bouquet had) reminded me again of our own wedding – my entourage had worn pink/green/blue/yellow dresses because I couldn’t settle on just one color (actually, Ipe had vetoed yellow, saying our entourage would look like overgrown bananas) and I just love pastels. And surprise, surprise! We have eggs on our table! We later learned these eggs symbolized Kutz and her siblings and that they have now hatched and left the nest. Nice touch! I almost thought we were supposed to eat the eggs or have a game with it or something.

I purposely did not take too many shots of food lest I get scolded again for eating way too much lately so I settled for just one shot, and this just proves I didn’t eat too much considering that the food was oh so yummy (by K Cunanan who also catered my friend Gelle’s wedding three months ago):

I loved so many of the details about this wedding but perhaps the most is how laid-back the atmosphere was and how everyone seemed to know everyone and are close to the couple. Even though the guest list was long, it still felt intimate to me and the speeches were some of the best I’ve heard at weddings. And I am just speechless at their opening number,  their own, live rendition of Come What May from Moulin Rouge, which is like, one of my favorite duets ever! And how cool was it that they got the lead of Alamid as their emcee? 🙂
Ok, I’ll stop gushing now. Like I said, I just love me some weddings. Best wishes, Kutz and Ernan! 🙂

One thought on “Kutz and Ernan’s Wedding: 070211

  1. I soooo luv your blog Kris, it makes me think of those not so many times that i've tried writing for my friends and for myself..well, who knows? i'll find that same bliss soon! nicey!! – rons


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