Food Trip: Burgoo

What was supposed to be a dinner/movie/coffee date with our friend Leah (who’s on vacation from SG for a couple of days with hubby, Erwin) yesterday turned into a food trip at Burgoo and ghost story sharing/gabfest at Starbucks Araneta. 
Was fighting off flue brought on by the ever-changing weather and a myriad of other factors; had to back out on a birthday party with the kiddo (though I managed to take him to the mall for a KFC date and to buy the latest Bumblebee toy before my sneezes and runny nose got out of hand) and a planned weekend work (which meant I had to make up for it the next day). I was a bit groggy though – I initially took antihistamines, thinking my sneezes were just due to my persistent allergies but decided to take flu medications when it started getting worse. So I was a bit light-headed with lots of drowse-inducing meds in my system. 
The rain was a bit of a damper though, and it’s a good thing Carli lives just a couple of block; otherwise, I wouldn’t have had the push to haul myself off the bed. 🙂 Traffic was light though, even with the rain. 
Was so so hungry when we got to Gateway but the food more than made up for the wait. I hardly ever eat at Burgoo because there isn’t a branch within my radar (or maybe because I just don’t have it on my radar?) but I think it’s going to be one of my favourites.

Seafood Caesar Supreme salad – my favourite of the night. I’m a sucker for shrimps (though I’m unfortunately allergic to them) and squids. And crabs. And cheese. Which is basically what this salad is made of. J And I loved that the greens don’t taste bitter.

I could have eaten this plate by myself

Supreme Sampler – buffalo wings (they’re good), spring rolls (less than average – didn’t taste all spring’y to me), chimichangas, and onion rings. Served with three dips. 😛
Pizza Sampler – four flavours in one! 
Now, I normally would have just gotten mango shake or bottomless iced tea but I just couldn’t say no to a shake called marshmallow float. Loved it’s pink base and mini mallows in yellow, peach, pink and white! It looks too fluffy and pretty to drink. And they didn’t scrimp on the mallows. Up to the last sip, there were still mallows and I even had to scoop them up. 
Too pretty!

And of course, what event would it be without a group shot? We were so hungry at Burgoo that we forgot to take pictures and Jere had left already before we realized we hadn’t documented our latest get-together.
My friends for over a decade now

Our topics last night evolved on only a couple of things: updates on our lives, especially those who weren’t there (sheepish grin and chuckle), the Philippine Volcanoes, and ghost stories (triggered by a discussion on the distasteful prenup photos, taken at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, circling on the web) which left us with goosebumps. One day, I just might write down those stories for your guys to read here.
But as a fitting dessert to cap off our night, our conversation went back again to the Philippine Volcanoes, with the hubby even mimicking their poses while slurping on a venti frappe. Trust, the mental image is quite hard to erase. 
Well, I guess, the collective opinion went something like – why take down the billboards when it inspired and made so many people happy? 😀

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