The World According to Joey: School Edition

I realize I have been kind of remiss in updating Joey’s antics online. Let’s see… Joey’s going to school now. Nothing fancy, just your typical neighbourhood pre-school. We figured we’d let him enjoy this school year before we transfer him to a “big” school next year. And so far, Joey’s been having the time of his life. Didn’t even give us a hard time every morning like all the other kids who cry for their parents or who refuse to wake up (he does sometimes but only on nights when he slept too late- and he still insists on going to school even then).
And I am proud to say that almost every day he gets stars on his wrists, as many as three in one day! I can’t exactly figure out what they’re for coz whenever I ask him, he just shrugs and tells me matter-of-factly: “Teacher likes me a lot so she gives me stars.”
He’s such a smart kid (and I am not just saying this because I’m his mom) – whenever he has a homework, all I have to do is show him an example, and he can finish them by himself. And I was one proud momma when his teacher asked one time if Joey’s had gone to school before – seems like he’s the brightest kid in his class and gets perfect scores in his quizzes. 🙂

Joey: (holding my face in his hands and looking t me earnestly) Mom, when I grow big, can you buy me the Colgate 360? The one with the tongue cleaner?
While I was away at the office one time and the two boys were left to fend for themselves:
Dad: (frustrated that Joey keeps crying) Joey, play the computer.
Joey: Dad, did you stop me from crying by letting me play the computer?
At the mall with Joey, looking for rubber shoes for his PE class…
Me: Joey, let’s look for rubber shoes you like okay? (drags him to the lesser known brands which are of course, cheaper)
Joey: (turns to the Florsheim section) Mom, I want the white and blue one.
Me: (looks at the price and turns the kid the other way)
Joey: (after a few minutes of walking around) Mom, let’s go back to the white shoes. I want it. (looks up at a higher shelf). I changed my mind mom, let’s get the black one instead.
Me: (gives up and pays for the shoes)
Still at the mall…
Joey: (Stops abruptly and enters a Red Ribbon by himself then goes up to the glass display and motions for me to follow him inside) Mom, come here!
Me: (no choice but to go in)
Joey: Mom, do you see that one? (points at an oreo chocolate cake) Can you buy it for me?
Well, what can I say? He’s just like his father.:P

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