The World According to Joey: Lolo Edition

Joey is very close to his lolo (my papa). And for the past weeks, Papa has been staying at our place to help look after Joey while he’s sick.
Joey: Mom, I want lolo to be my daddy.
Me: You can’t have lolo as your daddy. You already have a daddy. And besides, lolo is my daddy. Do you know that?
Joey: Ahh, but why is he your daddy??? He’s my lolo. Why isn’t tito your daddy?
(this one belongs right up there when Joey said he wants to marry ME when he grows up)
Ipe: Joey, you’re lucky you have your lolo to play with and take care of you. I didn’t have a lolo when I was a baby like you.
Joey: But why don’t you have a lolo?
Ipe: My lolos were dead. Because they were very old, they died before I was born.
Joey: (looks at his lolo with big puppy eyes brimming with tears) I don’t want you to die lolo.
(I just melted. And I think my papa melted as well.)

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