Been having fever and chills since Friday which I can’t figure out if due to flu or something else until I realized the culprit last night – I woke up with a swollen right cheek. So anyway, we had to make an emergency trip to the dentist on a Sunday morning and where else do you find open dental clinics on Sundays???
Malls. Yep. We went to Megamall first thing on Sunday. You know, whoever figured out to put satellite clinics in malls was a genius? I mean, you can roam around, shop, watch a movie or eat while waiting for your turn. Win-win, right? 
Anyway, so Joey and I went to grab our favorite snack while waiting for my turn. Thing is, before yoghurt became the it thing, I was already addicted to it. A good thing Joey inherited my love for yoghurt. 🙂
Joey and his yoghurt full of m&m’s and chocolate chips

Didn’t want to aggravate my teeth, so I settled for just almonds
Still a bit sick though. 😦 So unfortunately, it looks like I will work like a zombie tomorrow.

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