Daily Fashion: Cold Weather

Wasn’t really prepared for the freezing weather last weekend in Baguio – I had packed lots of shorts, thinking it’s not yet the -ber months. Too late did I realize there was a storm and it was freezing. So what I did was to layer my clothes and wear socks! Tada!

white embroidered tube tob and rust knitted poncho, Promod; checkered shorts, Topshop; earrings, necklace, bangle, Accessorize; socks, SM Dept. Store; red flats, Lacoste; animal-print umbrella and hat, Accessorize
The picture is blurry, not because of the camera but because of the fog! Yes, it’s that cold and I was literally freezing and trying to keep from shivering long enough for hubby to take this photo. 

Connector Ring, Mia Casa

I was browsing on Multiply a couple of weeks back, as usual, when I stumbled upon this site that sells really gorge accessories. I bought a couple of rings at only Php100 each!

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