Joey and Lolo’s Day Out

I never got to celebrate my birthday and it has become quite impossible to predict when I can get my immediate family together (actually, it’s just my mom and my brother who are unpredictable; my papa and sister always show up when I tell them to). So, not wanting to waste a good weekend, we hauled ourselves to CPK a few Sundays ago:
Joey with Lolo

Of course, Joey insisted on sitting beside his Lolo; here while eating his pumpkin soup
I rarely eat at CPK so I figured it was about time I refresh my memory on what the food here tastes like. But it looked like we ordered one too many as there were only three adults eating that night. 
two thin crust pizzas, Chicken Milanese (upper right) and Kung Pao Spaghetti (lower left)
I didn’t particularly like the pizza but I loved the spaghetti and the chicken (minus the bitter taste of the arugula). 🙂

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