The World According to Joey: Sugat

Joey cut his finger with the electric fan last night. See, his lolo hid the box fan and insisted on having the desk fan. I first heard the sound of something blocking the blade of the fan, and when I looked at the culprit I noticed Joey staring wide-eyed at me for a couple of seconds, holding his sandwich with one hand and the other one raised. And then he started gulping then finally crying out loud. 
Thank goodness it wasn’t such a big cut; it was actually a superficial one and though it bled a bit, it stopped after a minute or two.
While dressing his wound:
Joey: (pointing his other hand upwards) Mom, is there someone up there who will help?
Me: Help with what?
Joey: Heal my finger coz it has a sugat (wound).
Me: You mean like God?
Joey: Yeah, Jesus can heal.
I’m proud of the kid that he even in his kiddie mind, he can think of Jesus when he needs help (and even when he doesn’t).
This morning, Joey sat beside me and with a serious look, began a conversation.
Joey: Mom, can we put a sign on our door that says I have a sugat?
Me: Why?
Joey: So that my friends will know that I can’t play with them.
Me: But you can tell them yourself.
Joey: No, I don’t want to tell them. Let’s put a sign.
Me: But you can still play. It’s just a small sugat.
Joey: Mom, you know I can’t play with a sugat. I just can’t!
Me: (gives up and falls silent)
Joey has been bugging me to buy him a remote-controlled helicopter which I promised to get him if he gets good grades. Apparently though, one of our neighbours brought home an Angry Bird stuffed toy and Joey is now anxious to have one as well.
Last night, before his hand got cut in the fan:
Joey: Mom, can you buy me an Angry Bird stuffed toy?
Me: Ok, but you have to choose between the helicopter and the angry bird.
Joey: Why?
Me: Because we don’t have money to buy all the toys you want. I can only buy one.
Joey: (silent for a few minutes, then walks to hug me at the waist before presenting his solution) Mom, maybe you can buy me the helicopter on Monday and then you can buy me the Angry Bird on Friday? That way, you can get me both toys.
Me: (ROFL)
Kids these days. They have an opinion on everything and an answer to all questions. And to think he’s only four. I‘m scared to think what he’ll be like when he’s much older.

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