Manila Book Fair Now On!

The three top most things that Ipe and I have in common are: travel and history (they go hand in hand for us), food and books. So you can just imagine we were practically salivating when we learned that the 32nd Manila Book Fair started today at the SMX. We literally rushed through a very hectic work day, beat traffic everywhere and finally made it with forty minutes to spare (it closes at 8PM). We wanted to have first dig at the books before the good ones get sold out. 
Well, what do you get when you set two book worms loose in a book fair with thousands of books? Well, got off the car and left hubby to park and started off on my own. We didn’t communicate except to meet each other at the exit come closing time. 
Our hoard? Well, 20 books in forty minutes! And it set us back only around Php2,300!
The hubby got all sorts of historical and religious books, as per usual. He headed straight to the St. Paul’s, Sinagtala and UST Publishing House booths. Can you believe the ridiculously low prices? He got all ten books at less than Php700! 
The 2nd book from the right, top, is actually quite hard to get. It retails for around Php400 but at the book fair, it was only Php50!
As for me, I circled the lot but figured I can’t honestly look through each given the limited time, so I headed to National Bookstore (typical me), Anvil and WS Publications – all at 20% discount or more. I got various titles from Filipino writers, with the exception of the Great Gatsby which I’ve been wanting to read for years but never got around to buying one. And I finally got Before Ever After which is sold out everywhere!
hubby got the Love Woman and Flowing On from the UST Publishing House booth
Oh, and I got the kid an anatomy book. I know, I know. He’s only four. But better start early right? 😀
I’m already thinking what to buy when we go back on Sunday. 
*The fair is until Sept. 18 at the SMX Ground Floor. You can click here for details on the exhibitors, map, etc. Happy shopping!

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