The World According to Joey: School Edition Part 2

Got Joey’s report card (or paper, as the hubby puts it) last Friday. Grades are okay à lower than what I was expecting but considering that attendance is a major contributor and Joey had been absent for almost a month, it’s a wonder he didn’t flunk at all (he probably got deducted five whole points for attendance, though his exams and seatwork are perfect). 

But, conduct grades need a little work. So I sat down with the kiddo:

Me: Joey, I got your grades. Congratulations! They’re good.
Joey: Yey! Can you get me a new toy (got him the remote-controlled helicopter as reward for getting perfect score in his quarterly exam)?
Me: No, because teacher told me you’re noisy in class. Is that true?
Joey: (turns and won’t answer)
 Me: Joey, is that true? Are you noisy?
Joey: Not anymore!
Me: You mean you were noisy before?
Joey: Yes! But not anymore, I’m good now. Can you buy me a new toy?
Me: (my turn to walk out)
Got the kid new water jug since his old one kept spilling and gave it to him when I got home tonight.
Joey: Mom, it’s the same one as Gabby’s!
Me: Which Gabby? (He has a classmate and a neighbour who share the same name)
Joey: The Gabby who’s a bad student.
Me: Gabby’s a bad student?
Joey: Yes, not like me and my friend. He’s a bad student.
Last Thursday:

Joey: Mom, I don’t want ate to go with me to school.
Me: Why?
Joey: Ringo’s also four and he goes by himself on the school bus.
Me: But you’re still small.
Joey: No! I’m four like Ringo! I don’t need ate! I want to go to school by myself.
Me: No, you need ate to go with you.
Joey: (starts bawling on the floor) But I’m four!
Me: Ok, here’s the deal. If you can take off and put on your shirt, shorts and briefs, you can go to school alone.
Joey: (excited to prove himself; ends up falling on his butt while putting on undies) Mom! I can’t do that!
Me: Then you can’t go alone.
Joey: But I’m four! (starts bawling again)
Well, kids. He thinks being four is the end of the world. 😛

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