Movie: No Other Woman

 Starting the movie with Anne Curtis in her criss-cross black maillot was a sure-fire way to get the guys who’ve been dragged to watch this movie quiet and glued to their seats. I must say, Anne looked like she worked hard to get this body since a few months back, and even as recent as the Preview Ball, she kinda looked a bit on the flabby side, complete with a bit of a bulging tummy made more obvious by her sheer Rajo Laurel gown. In that opening scene alone, she was hot (she made Cristine look fat, especially in that yoga scene when Cristine could be seen sucking in her tummy, now that was hilarious).
Story is quite familiar to just about anyone: married man meets pretty, flirtatious, liberated woman who throws herself at him with no strings attached, gets into a steamy affair, wife finds out, the man has to choose. There was the back story of why Derek was so determined to prove himself, and how Cristine’s father does not approve of him but they seem more like afterthoughts. In any case, these stories almost always end the same: wife gets her husband back, as she should. But what this movie offers is more of a visual treat:  three of the hottest celebrities in one movie. Derek got the best deal out of this as he gets to romance former FHM #1 Cristine Reyes AND Dyosa Anne Curtis, who is arguably the most recognizable face along Edsa right now. And the fashion, at least from Anne Curtis’ side of the ring, was superb. It’s nothing new, but Anne just carries herself so well she makes me want to head to the mall and buy a snake-print bikini. 
Hot stars aside, what really makes this movie stand out isn’t really the plot, but the clever one-liners that give the crowd something to laugh and cry about, and the double meaning dialogue, though so over the top they can never happen in real life, like when Anne and Cristine grabbed the same YSL bag, a symbolic gesture of them fighting over the same man.
The acting is quite good as well. I remember the days when Anne sounded like she was reciting from a textbook and for me, her breakthrough as an actress was in Maging Sino Ka Man. From then on, she became not just pretty face for me but an actress I can actually enjoy without grating my teeth. And in this movie, she did not disappoint. I hated her guts as she shamelessly flirted with Derek, I hated her superiority complex, but I pitied her equally when she realized she was falling in love, I pitied her even as she vowed to fight for a man she didn’t even have a right to fight for. And I loved her when she was apologizing to Cristine for all the mess she did. 
And then you add Carmi Martin into the mix, who is as hot today as she was during her Dick and Carmi days twenty years ago. She’s such a wonderfully good comedic actress (well, she’s a very good but underrated actress, in my opinion, who hasn’t been given her fair share of fame). She could have given both girls a run for their money in her skintight gold lame dress.
Cristine for her part, held up quite well. I mean, she’s nowhere near Anne’s calibre but she broke my heart several times – when she first discovered the affair, when she went to her mother ready to give up, thinking she can’t win against a pretty and rich heiress, when she lost her verbal tussle with Anne by the pool and ran up to her room to pack her bags and break down, and when she finally reconciled with Derek in the last part of the movie. But she should really get rid of the crazy eyes – it makes her look like a bitchy little brat, like someone making faces; all that was lacking was the rolling out of the tongue.
Anyway, some of my favourite lines were:
Carmi (to Cristine): Ang mundo ay isang malaking Quiapo, maraming snatcher!
Also from the same scene, by Carmi: I-pack up mo na ang Lucy Torres mo, at ilabas mo na si Gretchen Barretto! Ako ng bahala sa red stiletto mo!
And the funniest one from Carmi (the Lucy/Gretchen bit lost its appeal since they it was part of the trailer): Pare-parehong p**a lang yun. Ang pinagkaiba lang nila, yung mayaman, original ang Hermes. Yung mahirap, binili sa Greenhills!
Cristine to Anne during the most awkward dinner ever, when she invited Anne for dinner at their conjugal house, with Derek beside her: Alam mo, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Pero sa ganda mong yan, siguro meron kang alam na shortcut. 
Cristine to Anne in their poolside confrontation: Ang marriage parang exclusive village lang. Kelangan binabantayan mo para hindi makapasok ang mga squatter. 
Anne to Cristine, in the same scene which ended with the latter’s walk out: You can call me whatever you like, but I will never be a boring housewife. 
My verdict? Worth your money. I would watch it again, honestly, if only to hear those clever repartees again and just ogle the lead stars. Haha. I would definitely consider buying the DVD. 
PS: Just my observation. Most of the guys I know prefer Cristine but most of the women I know prefer Anne. Guess Cristine is guy-hot while Anne is girl-hot. I seriously prefer Anne, there’s just something about her. But I do recall seeing Cristine for the first time, I think she was 15 then, as a contestant in that defunct show of Paolo Bediones and Miriam Quiambao, and thinking “wow, that girl is so pretty and sexy.” Depends on your taste, I guess. 
Another PS: I watched this movie by myself. Thank goodness for Sureseats – all seats were taken when I got to the cinema and the line was awfully long, but due to my reservation, I got an escort inside the cinema before previews even started — with all the other people shooting daggers at my back, hahaha! Apparently, I was the only one at Market Market who came with a Sureseats reservation. My dilemma was after the movie, my eyes were so puffy and I felt weird coming out of the cinema by myself with puffy eyes. Hahaha.