Crustacea: Comfort Food

After failing in my attempt to watch No Other Woman on opening day – all the cinemas were sold out, so I wasn’t really surprised they earned Php100M within the first five days – hubby and I decided to just drown my disappointment in nice dinner. We were already at Powerplant and were too lazy to go to High Street which would have been closer to home but it turned out well as I got to eat at Crustacea. 
Had some liempo and chili shrimp. When I say chili it was really really spicy! As in my mouth felt like it was burning! But you know me, I actually love spicy food so I was still able to finish off more than half of the serving (there were about four or five tiger prawns, I ate four), never mind that by the second piece, I was itching like crazy (I’m allergic, but that’s what antihistamines are for, right?).
The Kangkong was really good too!
I was breathing fire!
Our fried rice served with egg. The egg looks like a crying smiley, dunno if it was intentional?
Topped off our dinner with sticky pandan rice and mangoes. Ain’t that sweet? I think this is the only place that uses pandan with their sticky rice/mango dessert. Nice touch. 
The pinipig on top was perfect!
The food was a tad heavy though, even with hubby and I sharing and I was almost too drowsy by the end of the meal. But it’s a good sign of a satisfied tummy, no? Definitely coming back.

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