The World According to Joey: Touching Moments Mommy Edition

Joey has always been a very sensitive kid. I don’t mean this negatively but in a good way – like he senses when people around him are sad, or angry, without being told. When he was still a baby and doesn’t understand words yet, his dad made a face and said, “ang baho” (it’s stinky!) after smelling his baby poop, and Joey suddenly cried after seeing his daddy’s face.
A few weeks back, his lolo introduced the concept of mortality in his young mind and we had several interesting conversations about this, mostly revolving around me.
Last week, after sharing what we did for the day, I suddenly ask Joey a question which we, grown ups, sometimes ask one another.
Me: Joey, will you cry when mommy dies?
Joey: Well, mom, everybody will die when they’re old. So maybe when I’m old and you’re old, you can die.
Me: What if mommy dies while you’re still young?
Joey: (doesn’t answer – but tears immediately welled up in his eyes and soon he was sobbing)
Me: Joey, why are you crying?
Joey: I don’t want you to die mommy!
I was so touched, I ended up crying myself. Isn’t Joey the sweetest?
Another day a few weeks back, Joey and I were discussing brothers and sisters (his playmate has a baby sister) when he suddenly blurted out: “I don’t want a baby sister or baby brother!” I tried to ask him why the sudden change of heart as he used to say he wanted one, and he came up with all sorts of excuses such as sharing toys and his room until the truth came out: “I don’t want your tummy to be broken, mom! What if the doctors don’t fix you in time and you get broken?”
Ok, cue teary-eyed me again. It’s funny how Joey can connect these thoughts. And very touching that he would rather not have siblings than entertain the thought of his mom getting hurt.
Last night, Joey and I were telling jokes before going to bed. I don’t know where he gets his jokes from, but he has been insisting he be allowed to say his jokes every night for the past week. After one such session, I hugged Joey and kissed him good night. And ever the sentimental person that I am, I told Joey that I will these nights when he grows up coz he probably wouldn’t let me hug or pinch or kiss him anymore.
I was surprised that Joey ended up crying after that. When I asked him why, he said, “I’m gonna miss you, mommy, when I leave and grow big.”
Maybe I should stack tissues near our bed. Or keep Joey from these kinds of conversations. In any case, I was very touched by Joey’s concern for me. I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter kid. J

One thought on “The World According to Joey: Touching Moments Mommy Edition

  1. Sniff. Sniff. You should have warned us to get tissues too Ate, before we read this post. Awww. Joey has such a big heart. What a good, loving boy.


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