Food Trip: Lau Chan – Best Shabu Shabu

I don’t know why it took us a full year to come back to this place, but one reason I’m always looking forward to our friend Yek’s birthday is because he always treats us to dinner at the best shabu-shabu place we’ve come across: Lau Chan. 
The place isn’t visually appealing, what with its plain white table and chairs and the outdated feel of the place. And the manangs all covered up in old aprons and hairnets remind me of some old Chinese martial arts movies where the lead stars would suddenly up and fight bad guys in eateries such as this.
But don’t let appearances deceive you. The food more than makes up for whatever it lacks in aesthetics.
Seven pairs of eyes are eagerly on that pot
these were the closest plates to me, but we must have ordered more than a dozen ingredients for our shabu shabu
We felt a bit guilty not ordering any veggies, so we had a plate of pechay. 😛
chili, soy sauce and lots of garlic! I think I ate the entire bowl of garlic, I just love garlic so much!
Seriously, I don’t know what they put in the sate soup but it tastes divine. I could just stay there the entire day and do nothing but eat! That good.
The best part? The fact that food here doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.
I don’t know the exact address of Lao Chan but it’s near the intersection of Pedro Gil and Mabini in Malate (it’s along Mabini) – we came all the way from Makati and QC just to eat here. But SO WORTH IT. But don’t take my word for it – go try it yourself. 
*PS: Even the manong guard missed us. He commented to hubby while guiding him to a parking slot, ”Sir, tagal nyo di nagpunta ah.” Nice that he remembered us, as it was exactly a year ago on Yek’s birthday as well when we were last here. I’ll make it a point to visit again sometime soon. 

2 thoughts on “Food Trip: Lau Chan – Best Shabu Shabu

  1. Hi Sofia Dennise,

    I don't think they actually have a set menu, it's more of like they give you a list of the kinds of soup they have and the items which you can add to the soup. We always go for the spicy sate and then add veggies, beef strips, oysters, fresh dumplings. It's very cheap – you can order something good for ten people and your bill will only be around 1800-2000. And that's already ten very full and satisfied people. 🙂


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