The World According to Joey: Bukol

Joey had a bit of an accident at home while Ipe and I were both at work – he tripped on the power cord, slipped and hit his forehead on our tiled floor. The yaya didn’t even think of calling or texting either of us, even though the bump, if it was even a bump, covered his entire forehead. 
A good thing hubby had to pick up our car from the casa early and he got home an hour after the accident. So the night found us at the ER where Joey was checked, x-rayed and then sent home – luckily for us, he didn’t get any fractures or clots. 
This isn’t the first time Joey had this type of accident – a couple of years back during a Christmas party, Joey fell down the stairs and hit his forehead on the steps. And yes, we ended up in the ER that time as well.  I don’t know if Joey just inherited his dad’s clumsiness but I really wish these ER-trips will not have a repeat.
Two days after, swelling has subsided, but Joey ended up with black eye and bruises

Three days after, black eye looked worse. Now Joey looked like a victim of child abuse. Haha. And he purposely looked sad in this picture to get full effect.

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