Best Buys

It’s my first time to take a week off from work, EVER, and two days into it, I can say I’m so not used to it but I am loving it! I’m not a workaholic but I never had the opportunity to take longer than two days off except when I had to go on my honeymoon (which lasted barely a week) and maternity leave (which I cut short).
My first day off, I roamed aimlessly around our neighborhood mall and discovered that Saizen has finally opened a branch at Market Market (was I living under a rock the past two weeks???)! Yey! I’m a sucker for bargains and this is the best place to get them – I am reminded again of how much and why I love the Japanese so much (aside from Anime and Manga, they have one of the best fashion anywhere and I love working with Japanese – they’re so perfect).
I didn’t get to take photos at the store (darn, I really should have my trusty cam with me all the time; my phone was dead) but the place had two aisles dedicated to cosmetics, several aisles for office and school supplies, kitchenware (even baking needs!), home decor, food, and of course, those thingamajigs that only the Japanese would think of inventing.
I got me several of the rose-scented incense cones and potpourri (not as good as Crabtree and Evelyn but for Php85, who am I to complain) and cookie cutters, which got the little man at home so excited to bake with me this weekend. 
I would have loved to hoard more but I didn’t really want to lug around a huge plastic bag but do expect to bump into me there one of these days. 
Seeing all those JP-made stuff also reminded me of how much I love their chocolate so I decided to get some sweet fix. By the way, Saizen sells these pocket-sized Meiji chocolates but I think they’re also priced Php85 (forgive me if I hadn’t mentioned it earlier, but EVERYTHING at Saizen goes for Php85), so I got mine from Mercury drugstore just one floor below.
*Saizen is actually Daiso in Japan. But like with Forever 21, G2000, Prudential Life and a lot of other foreign brands, some smart-ass Pinoy took the name and concept for his own and so, the real Daiso had to settle for Saizen. Forever 21 was lucky they had Henry Sy backing them up, otherwise, the fake Forever 21 (now called Hip Culture) would have gotten away with their brand name. And just so you know, it’s perfectly legal here in our dear country to do that.

2 thoughts on “Best Buys

  1. I love Daiso! I was gonna say sana na Saizen sounds like Daiso. I also bought their potpourri here. Haven't used it yet, though, hope it's as good as Ikea's.
    OMG, why are people allowed to do that in the Philippines? The name thing, I mean?


  2. The laws here allow whoever registers the name to retain it, regardless of whether it exists abroad. Sad. Prudential Like UK filed a case but lost, they had to settle for PruLife instead. 😦

    The potpourri's not so fragrant. It's ok but the best I've come across are those from Crabtree and Evelyn. Doesn't assault my hypersensitive senses.


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