Ayala Triangle

It’s funny how I never really appreciated the Ayala Triangle before. My office is practically right across the park but I rarely get to visit it, and when I do, I’m usually in a hurry and there are too many people for me to just enjoy the view. 
Bright afternoon, right before it started to drizzle. Confusing weather we have!
So, as one of the silver linings to an otherwise sad working holiday, I asked hubby and the kid to have lunch with me at the Triangle last All Saints’ Day. Most of the restaurants were closed – understandably, since their clientele consists mostly of office workers, but a couple were open: Omakase, Momo, and Banapple.
Since we just ate at Banapple a couple of weeks back and it was so crowded and Joey doesn’t like Japanese food, we settled for Momo. I love this place – food is good (not spectacular, but still good) and the place is bright and homey.
Slow Roasted Herb U.S. Roast Beef Finger
I shared the beef fingers with hubby – I always order something new when I’m here but this one dish is constant. I could never finish it off myself though. It’s good enough to feed 2-3. 
Boneless Cornflakes Crusted “Country Fried Chicken”

I’m quite disappointed with the chicken, though. It was too bland for my taste. Cornflakes sounded like an intriguing substitute to your usual breading but I wish they just added more salt and pepper to liven up the dish a bit. 

Melted Crab and Spinach Blue Cheese Dip
I do love their cheese dips. Simply heavenly. Oh, and just thinking about their cheese pimiento (which you get free, along with two pieces of bread) is enough to make me salivate. I’m a sucker for cheese – I can eat an entire bar in one sitting so please forgive me for drooling now. Haha. 

*Momo has another branch at Eastwood Mall.

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