The World According to Joey: This Will Make You Go "Awww"

While giving Joey a bath this morning:
Joey: Mom, I have many hearts: a happy heart, a sad heart, a jumping heart.  And I also have a mommy heart.
Me: Really? What is the mommy heart for? 
Joey: Because I love you very much. And the mommy heart is the biggest one because I love you very much!
I was speechless. I could not help getting teary-eyed.
At the mall earlier tonight, I noticed Joey was already tired after spending three hours running around Tom’s World. I volunteered to carry him so he can rest.
Joey: No mom. I’m okay. I still have energy to walk. 
Me: But you’re tired. Let me carry you.
Joey: Mom, I’m too heavy. And I might break your back if you carry me. I don’t want you to be broken because of me.
Teary-eyed moment # 2 for the day.
While waiting for a cab to take us home:
Me: Joey, why don’t you sit on the steps so you can rest a bit?
Joey: No, mom.  I just want to stand beside the best mommy in the world.  
Me: Really? Am I the best mommy?
Joey: Yes. And you’re my mommy!

I think everyone in the taxi bay gave a collective sigh when they heard Joey. A lot of them gave us smiles. 

Joey with his Happy Meal toys and prizes from Tom’s World

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