Food Trip: Abe

Had dinner with the in laws at Abe last night for MIL’s birthday. Would you believe me if I tell you it was my first time there? Funny, considering that we live just five minutes away. 
Well, I came in with really high expectations – after all, Abe is part of a group of restaurants which includes Lorenzo’s Way (which has the best bulalo), Cafe Adriatico (best tsokolate), and Cafe Havana, among others. 
Hubby took charge of ordering the food and it was a veritable feast:
Mustasa vegetables with shrimp
Crispy Tadyang D’ Original Mickey Fenix

Binukadkad na Pla-Pla
Kare-Kare a La Bistro Burgos
Knockout Knuckle
Dalandan Shake

Well, to put it simply, I didn’t enjoy the food. The crispy pata wasn’t so crispy and not so tasty and the kare-kare was too bland. 
As for the dalandan shake, you can’t really go too far off as the fruit is quite delicious on its own, but it also didn’t come close the fresh dalandan juice at Sonya’s Garden
But the worst part, to be honest, I was very disappointed with the sinigang – I’ve tasted better home-cooked sinigang and Abe’s didn’t even come close. For me, the best sinigang is still Fely J’s (for the sinigang sa bayabas) and Mesa (for sinigang sa pinya). 
No wonder Joey didn’t look too interested. 
The verdict? Big disappointment. Food is quite cheap though; our tab was less than Php4,000 for a group of eight adults and one kid. Not bad, if only I came here only to save on money. But I will still give it another try; maybe they have specialties I have yet to discover.
* Abe is located at Serenda, Bonifacio Global City.

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