Nanny Woes

Our regular yaya had to go home to her province since her mom passed away last weekend.  Luckily, a new yaya immediately took over, albeit temporarily. 
Or so I thought.
Day 1
On Monday, Ipe stayed at home to guide the new yaya. Since it was her first day, I myself gave Joey a bath, dressed him up and gave him breakfast.
That same night, the new yaya was tasked to cook tinola, which as you all know, is a pretty straightforward dish. But horror of horrors! Ipe was shocked to discover the yaya just put the chicken in a pot of boiling water, add string beans and sayote and that was tinola for her. A good thing he caught it before the food was served, so he was still able to remedy it by adding ginger and chilli. When I got home, I added some seasoning so it turned out into a decent tinola after all. 
Day 2
The next day, Ipe and I woke up to something weird and gooey on our dining table: a plateful of corned beef swimming in cooking oil. I don’t know if it’s a practice in their province to just put oil as “soup” on corned beef but thankfully, we were able to salvage the corned beef and have a decent meal. 
Oh and the yaya has this weird habit of putting “rugs” all over the floor. So our house is now one “rugged” place. It’s driving me nuts picking them off.
Day 3
Ipe had to leave early so I had to commute last Wednesday. Anyway, Joey and I woke up at 8am to a plateful of dried, curled, and blackened hotdogs. Not a very appetizing sight. Since I wasn’t feeling comfortable yet letting the yaya give Joey a bath on her own, I did it myself, and just asked her to dress Joey while I eat breakfast.
But to my surprise (and the dismay of my rumbling stomach), the yaya was just about to eat her own breakfast and had not yet taken a bath. So, I ended up preparing Joey for school while SHE eats and takes a bath, and missed my own breakfast altogether. 
Needless to say, I wasn’t a very agreeable person that day.
Or that night. When Ipe and I got home at 9pm, there was no food and the yaya was fast asleep. At all. I was too tired to cook that I just crept onto the bed. Good thing Ipe can’t deny his hunger and resorted to cooking our own dinner. 
Day 4
I was pretty much in a hurry last Thursday so I decided to have yaya full rein with Joey’s bath while I eat and prepare for work.
But, I knew something was not right. Joey smelled stinky and I could see dirt around his neck and his arms when I got home, which was weird since he took a bath that morning. He couldn’t have possibly accumulated that much dirt during the day…
Day 5
…which is what led me to observe how the new yaya gives Joey a bath. I left them for less than three minutes, just to get a towel and wrap a towel around my own head, and to my surprise, she told me Joey was done!
What??? She finished giving Joey a bath in less than three freaking minutes??? I was too shocked I had to ask both her and Joey how they went about the bathing business.
And that was when I found out she just showered Joey with water, mixed soap with water and poured it over Joey, and that was it.
I asked Joey if yaya cleaned his butt and Joey shook his head. Poor Joey.
I couldn’t very well send Joey to school smelling like a drenched rat so I gave him another bath. While doing so, I noticed that the “libag” in his body from the night before were all there, therefore confirming my observation/suspicion that yaya didn’t really bathe him.
Oh, and the day ended with no dinner for us again. A good thing that Ipe and I bought some McDonald’s Happy Meal for Joey.
Day 6
If you think the yaya has improved over the course of one week, well, I’m about to prove you wrong.
For breakfast, she cooked hotdog again. It wasn’t burnt this time, but it wasn’t cooked either. Joey didn’t eat it at all.
I had to attend a parents-teachers conference at Joey’s school so I asked the yaya to fry all the flavoured chicken I had prepared and brought out to thaw.
When I got home at 1pm, horrors. She cooked only one piece of chicken and was giving Joey a ten-peso sized portion of it for lunch! OMG! Joey will surely be ten pounds lighter if this keeps up.
I had no choice but to reprimand her. After all, I had given explicit instructions to cook all the chicken. And what was I to eat if she cooked just one piece?
Anyway, so she cooked a second batch and when she told me she was done, I prepared Joey’s plate and mine to eat (I asked Joey to eat again with me).
Surprise#1: Chicken was still raw. . As in raw – bloody and raw (not in the way the meat is cooked but kinda still bloody; this was just plain raw). So raw, it looked like it was freshly thawed. Honestly, it was the first time I was served chicken that raw I almost threw up.
Surprise#2: There was just a little bit of rice. Like less than five spoonfuls of rice. And this, after she confirmed there was rice. By this time I was too hungry to delegate the task to her – I cooked the rice myself.
I finally got to eat lunch with Joey at 4PM.  
And the week ain’t over yet. I cannot wait for our old yaya to get back. I have a loooong weekend next week and looks like it will be hell with me having to work double time on the homefront as well.

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