The World According to Joey: Random

I realize I haven’t posted anything related to the little boy in quite a while. Well, so what has he been up to? 😛

Remember what I said before about Joey finishing his exams ahead of his class? He answers tests in the shortest time possible, I keep getting nervous – and he’s done it again! So I waited with bated breath for what his grades would be: 100! Yey! Looks like he took after me. 😀

Just being his cute self. Here, wearing my Michael Kors sunnies on our way to MOA
At Fully Booked MOA, refusing to let me go out of his sight.

He watched his first muscial, The Sound of Music, front and center at the Newport Performing Arts Theater. He loved it so much he’s been asking me to watch it again. Not to mention that he keeps thinking it’s the Sound of Music on TV whenever he sees old musicals. Read all about it here.

Bit blurry as the kiddo was dancing in his seat
And he has moved on from his Transformers and Angry Birds obsession (fine, he still likes playing the game but no longer demands new Angry Bird shirts and toys) – to Puss in Boots! Good thing McDonald’s Happy Meal has these toys for free. 
Love the cute eyes Puss – his eyes get all big and googly when you press a button at the back.

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