My Beauty Arsenal

I’ve been looking for a nice cosmetics organizer for quite some time – I initially wanted those make-up boxes used by MUA but they seemed too heavy and since I don’t really lug around my make-up with me, I figured I won’t be able to utilize it as much. I just wanted one that will fit all my stuff and remind me what items I have.
And then I found this cute little cosmetics box. It’s light, sized just right, and see-through! Plus it has this detachable tray at the top where you can put bottles and whatchamacolits. 
Cosmetics box from Landmark, around Php600. Quite a steal!
Honestly, I am clueless when it comes to make-up. I know pretty much the basics, but I don’t know how to apply them. I’m just a lipgloss kind of girl – in fact, up until two years ago, the only make-up item I have is a lip gloss pot from the Body Shop. I think I only got encouraged when a couple of my former office mates started taking make-up classes, including a former boss. But I do love to buy stuff and every once in a while, I use them, especially when I have to go to parties and weddings. 
Being OC, I tried to arrange my make-up in order of usage (at least, how I use them, on days when I wake up early enough or when I have to attend an event).
Bottom drawer contains foundations and face powders – Shiseido liquid foundation, Maybelline BB cream, Body Shop tea tree concealer stick, Paul and Joe cream foundation and shimmery face powder, Majolica Majorca face powder, Paul and Joe primer with SPF
2nd drawer contains the “add-ons” – powder blush from The Balm, gel blush from Smashbox, jewelling eyes powder shadow from Majolica Majorca, smokey eyes shadow from Maybelling, brown and gold eye liners from Majolica Majorca, mascaras from Maybelline and Majolica Majorca, eyebrow gel and powder and gel eyeliner from Smashbox
The 3rd drawer contains my smashbox lip gloss collection and starter kit brusher from Sephora, lipstick brush from MAC and eyeliner and eye shadow brushes from Smashbox
Tray containing lipsticks from Model Co, Smashbox, Paul and Joe, L’oreal and lip glosses from MAC, Smashbox and Majolica Majorca, bronzer from L’oreal. This is also where I keep my Shu Uemura curlash and facial moisturizers from Olay (for me and for hubby)
Since I was investing on make-up brushes and I didn’t want to wash them with soap, I also got a nifty little bottle of brush cleaner from Smashbox. I super love it because it smells nice, like fresh coconut – in case you haven’t picked up on it, I love Smashbox. Their products don’t irritate my super sensitive skin, plus they smell great!
Oh, and by the way, here are my latest purchases, hopefully my last for the year. Even I have to admit I have more make-up than I need (plus, it’s very expensive, especially since they just expire and I have to replace them even though I don’t use them). 
Eyeshadow and liner from Majolica Majorca, sister company of Japanese cosmetics giant, Shiseido. They have a promo (I don’t know til when) – for every single receipt purchase worth Php1,500, you get to choose one of the ff, for free: brown eyeliner, pink lip gloss, or make-up bag. I chose the lip gloss (even though I have like over 15 glosses, haha)
Sephora starter kit. Super cheap at around Php300! I haven’t tested them, though. But what a steal!
While organizing my beauty kit, I realized something – even though I’ve left the company almost two years ago, I am still loyal to their brands. I guess when the products are really good, you just keep using it, which is why this prodigal beauty junkie is back to using Olay (oh, and I’ve added SKII to my daily regimen). 
SKII cream and treatment essence (not available in the PH – you have to get it from neighboring Asian countries), Olay moisturizers – YES! The Olay Men Solutions are finally here! I’ve been looking for a nice moisturizer for the hubby but I couldn’t find one that will suit him.
I started using Olay a couple of years back; I’ve strayed to L’Oreal and Ponds, as well as Neutrogena moisturizers, but they all gave me breakouts and flaky skin (even after giving my skin a couple of weeks to get “accustomed” to it). Only with Olay does my skin stay “fresh” – not to mention, people often notice my skin is better when I use it. Too bad though, that some of the products in the market have better marketing strategies.
Anyway, hope you enjoyed this little post! Now, if only I can learn how to use all these make up products instead of just looking at them.

4 thoughts on “My Beauty Arsenal

  1. hi Nes! yes, i use Olay as moisturizer before putting on primer and foundation. but on most days, i just use Olay (the one with touch of foundation), face powder and blush. 🙂


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