Rainy Christmas

Weather’s been terribly erratic in the city and it’s not doing a lot of good to my always runny nose (I have an extreme case of allergic rhinitis – so bad I was prescribed antihistamines for two whole months a few years back, and now I often go on two-week antihistamine diets).
Anyway, while the rain makes it incredibly annoying to take walks (It’s December people! Should have been the perfect weather to jog without sweating too much) and I hate it when I have to go on errands, but when I have nothing better to do, I do so love the rain. In fact, my favourite weather is the gloomy one – you know, overcast, with no sun, grey color everywhere; it spells R-O-M-A-N-T-I-C to me.
And it gives me the perfect excuse to guzzle up on hot chocolate! Mmm.
Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate with rainbow marshies! I wish the marshmallows were softer though
Am currently curling up in bed with my most recent bookstore purchase – a makeup book by no less than Bobbi Brown herself. Heck, I figured that if my on-going obsession with makeup will not die down soon, might as well read up a bit and teach myself how to use them, right? After all, I’ve already invested tens of thousands on them and I would really hate for it to all expire before I even figure out how to use them. 
Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual, available at Fully Booked
Wish me luck! Patience has never been my virtue; hope I can stick to this book long enough to learn its tricks. Ha!

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