The World According to Joey: Christmas Party!

Joey had his first ever Christmas party at school – and his excitement was so obvious he barely slept the night before. So excited he woke up at 6am and was nagging all of us to give him a bath and get him dressed in his Santa costume.
Ah, his costume, which we got into a sort of one-sided argument a few days before. See, I was supposed to buy his costume last weekend, but he got sick and I decided to just stay at home. He missed two school days and when he reported back to school on Wednesday, dress rehearsal was in full swing and he was the only one without a costume.
And Joey was sobbing when I got home that night, telling me: “Mom, why did you forget to buy me my costume? I was the only one without a costume!” That was his last line before he fell asleep… and his first line when he woke up.
Anyway, to cut the long story short, I took a day off to buy his costume and run some errands – I covered three malls in five hours on foot! I didn’t realize it was that hard to find a Santa costume!

Joey making faces
With two of his classmates. So cute, running around the basketball court!

Joey was front and center during his Christmas presentation but too bad, he was too sleepy by the time it started that he was too grumpy to give a smile while dancing.

his first ever exchange gift

Or too hungry? He was only too hyper after eating his chickenjoy – he joined all the games!
Game #1 – The Boat Is Sinking

Game #2 – Trip to Jerusalem
Joey was the only kid who kept asking for directions before each game
Game #3 – Longest Line

And that’s a wrap!

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