Give Love on Christmas Day

Hubby and I had picked up on my family’s tradition of giving food on Christmas Eve and this is our second year. Nothing fancy: just home-cooked spaghetti and ham sandwiches, cheese and a zesto. But imagine how all these must taste like to people who have nothing to eat.
I don’t have the resources to make this project a daily thing but no one deserves to be hungry and cold on Christmas Eve.

Ready for distribution – our route takes us in front of the BSP, where a lot of homeless families had set up shacks
I am also happy that our friends all agreed to donate instead our exchange gift fund to charity. Really, we have all been so blessed and what’s one less gift, right?

Also, I am posting this not to brag about the good we did for Christmas, but in the hope of maybe inspiring some of you to do the same. Hey, if Ipe and I can feed a couple of families, imagine how many families will not go hungry on such as special night as this if a couple more people do it? It would truly be a Merry Christmas then.

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