The World According to Joey: 122811

Kids really do say the darnedest things. And Joey always has something to say about something. 
Last Christmas day, the elevator we were riding on suddenly closed, nearly hitting Joey’s younger cousin, JM
Joey: Mom, Dad, JM almost got squashed.
(Everyone hushes in the elevator – you rarely hear anyone use the word squash).
Joey (with a shrug of his shoulders): It’s a good thing it wasn’t me who almost got squashed. 
(And with that, everybody just ended up laughing. Hey, Joey didn’t mean anything bad by it, but it’s funny how his relief was so obvious that he himself didn’t get hurt. 
I was busy cleaning our house last night, the usual drill when the New Year is approaching: throw away the old, give away the ones you don’t use, etc. Anyway, I decided to throw away our old couch and pillows and as Ipe was taking out the latter:
Joey: Dad, why are you throwing away the pillows?
Ipe: Because they’re already dirty and dusty and they make you cough and sneeze.
Joey: Dad, you mean I’m allergic to them?
Ipe: (speechless. He was actually thinking of a way to explain that the dust triggers Joey’s allergies without having to mention the word allergy and explain that word. Turns out, he didn’t have to worry because Joey already knew the word).

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