Food Trip: Top of the City by Chef Jessie

You would probably think it funny that after working in Makati for the past nine years (well, give or take a year and a half when I made the mistake of working in companies outside Makati), I have yet to try the restaurant Top of the Citi.
I can cross that off my to-do list now. A couple of days ago, my officemates and I all agreed to eat there since most of us haven’t tried Top (at least I wasn’t alone, hehehe). Food is quite pricey but their set menu is very affordable – priced at around Php 500 for the standard one, and Php 860 for the more “special” one. Since it’s not everyday that I get to eat here, I got the special set menu and just added a dalandan juice for only Php88.
Refreshing. But, again, the best dalandan juice is still at Sonya’s Garden. I think I’m addicted to it.
my bad, I forgot what soup this is

Seafood salad – sorry for the endless comparison, but still, Sonya’s beats this one.

Chicken in a pastry wra with orange sauce (that’s not exactly what it was called but it ‘s what I could remember). This is the other option for the main dish of the set menu.

But I wanted something more extravagant than chicken, so I opted for the lamb curry.

Mocha pot. Tasted like leche flan, mocha-flavored. Didn’t really like it much.

Raspberry sorbet. Too sweet. In a not so good way.

I was told that the set menu changes everyday but the day we were there, it included soup, seafood salad, and for your main dish, a choice between chicken in orange sauce and lamb curry. For dessert, you can choose between raspberry sorbet and mocha pot. They ran out of mocha so I ended up having the sorbet.
Verdict? Well, I don’t really understand all the hype – the food was okay, but not spectacular. I can’t help but compare the lamb curry to the venison curry at Mamou in Serendra, which I absolutely love. Ok, so they’re different but still, they’re curry and the latter had a better tasting sauce. But I will still eat here, though maybe try their ala carte menu – it’s more expensive but I figure it will be better. Plus, I don’t want to judge this resto with just one try.

*Top of the Citi is located at the 34th floor of the Citibank Tower along Paseo de Roxas, Makati. Check out their facebook page here.

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