Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!
It’s actually the first NYE that the little family unit spent away from our house. The usual routine would have me cooking something for the media noche feast and then lighting up some sparklers while simultaneously blowing our horns in the streets with the hubby and kid.
As luck would have it, I was sick for the last four days and while browsing through the net one time, I figured, why not eat at a buffet for a change and check-in somewhere in the Metro?

Arctic Hall at Hotel H2O

first live band of the night, played while we were getting food

yep, it’s food come tonight

salad – just had to pretend; of course I ate it, along with the other stuff you see in the photos

mallows and candy-coated chocolates!
dumpling and siomai 😛
halo-halo, which was really good! what milk did they use?

I can’t really say much about the food – wasn’t really spectacular. Lots of choices yes, but I didn’t like any of them, save for the thermidore and fish fillet. A good thing I got the 50% off deal over at one of the group buying sites as it’s honestly expensive to pay Php1,500 per head for the kind of food served that night. Even the dessert was lacking and I only like the halo-halo for its milk. 

Joey met another boy at the party and started blowing the free horns handed out my the hotel staff
Joey’s newest furry friend, Angry Bird, just had to join us


Anyway, they started giving out free cocktails around 11PM so I didn’t feel too bad anymore. In any case, there was a live band playing and they were REALLY good. Seriously. The girl sang Adele’s and Katy Perry’s songs effortlessly.  Plus, we were right by the bay and you all know how I love the ocean.
The Chill Factory – I love them; they’re good and you rarely hear me say this of live performances.

And hey, it’s new year’s eve, I’m feeling much better (after downing two painkillers), I’m with my family. That’s all that counts.


Family picture on the deck, waiting for the strike of 12

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