Food Trip: Makan Makan

The little family unit was so tired after traipsing all over the Ocean Park last New Year’s Day and after a couple of hours, we were more than ready to devour a pig (ok, fine, exaggerated a bit). We were so famished that when we saw Makan Makan as we were looking for the exit, we immediately went in, even though we didn’t enjoy the buffet spread they served at the Hotel H2O for the NYE countdown dinner.

The little boy playing with his Lego robot while waiting for me to give him food.

Makan Makan interior; nice, not too stuffy yet not too casual
Anyway, they were offering a dimsum-all-you-can for Php350 that day and since hubby and I are big fans of dimsum, it was really a no brainer. You know me though – I don’t really like buffets since I tend to not eat too much when I know there’s plenty of food so I only managed one plate of yummy dimsum. Yes, it was yummy; not spectacular but definitely ten notches better than our dinner the night before.

Yes – I ate all with one cup of rice to boot. Joey did eat the chicken at the right side of my plate.

Of course, what’s dimsum without the sauce?

Oh, and as a bonus, they also have soup and dessert. I didn’t check what desserts were available but I did get halo-halo for me and the boybie.

Joey kept asking why his halo-halo is pinkish (because of the red gulaman) while mine is white (I don’t like gulaman; in fact, I only like beans and pinipig in my halo-halo, with lots of ice and milk).
* Makan Makan is at the 2nd level of the Ocean Park complex.

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