I realize that I haven’t yet posted anything related to beauty or fashion this year, so let this be my first.

My accessories hoard last Christmas season – and yes, they are all from my favorite store except for the bangle, brown marble necklace in the second photo (both from my sisters-in-law) and the red stiletto earrings (which I got for Php100 at Market Market!) from the first photo. I am so in love with anything and everything from Accessorize; I bought most of my gifts there too. I just realized that for every item I had to give away, I just had to buy one for myself too. Hahaha. 
Remember the cute owl earrings I mentioned in my earlier post? I lost one piece, so I bought another one – hence, you see three owls in this picture. Hahaha!

I am in love with chunky necklaces right now

Look! It has sand inside! My current favorite – an hourglass necklace

Accessorize is on sale right now, with some pieces marked at 50% off so if you’re a fan like me, head over there now. What I love about this store so much is that each piece is well made, don’t give me allergies, and are unique. I have yet to find someone on the streets wearing the exact same thing I have on. J

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