Abucay, Bataan

Went on a little field trip en route to my college bff’s firstborn’s baptism. Since it was in Bataan, hubby and I left early so as not to be late but ended up arriving a little too early. Which was good as we had time to have a hearty breakfast and go around some of the nearby towns.

The baptism was to be held in a small church nearby so we decided to check out the Santo Domingo Church, which was built in 1587 and is one of the oldest in country. This church is also the site of the Abucay Massacre, where more than 200 pampangueno defenders were massacred by the Dutch invaders in 1647, a tragedy that was a direct result of inept planning by the town’s alcalde mayor.

Sto. Domingo Church, built by the Dominicans

Here’s the historical marker of the church:

I was quite impressed with how clean and fresh-looking the interior was –the tiled floors were practically gleaming.
The church reminded me very much of another Dominican Church in San Juan, which I usually get to visit when we do our annual Visita Iglesia.Well, it figures, they were both built by the same order. 🙂

Their Belen. I love the bright yellow.

Look at those old tiles on the church’s courtyard.

Been reading through a Bataan coffee table book that Ipe and I got for Christmas a few years back and now I want to go back there and visit all those historical places. Imagine, I’ve never been to Corregidor! I seriously need to visit this place soon.
Anyway, you all probably know by now how much hubby and I love old buildings, especially churches and it has been awhile since we’ve added another old church to our growing list. So color me happy that I am able to include the Sto. Domingo Church in Abucay in that list. Hopefully, I get to add one every month this year. Wish us luck.

2 thoughts on “Abucay, Bataan

  1. Ate you have to go to Corregidor and experience the Lights and Sounds Tunnel show! I found it a very moving experience. I went there with a couple of V friends na but I wouldn't mind going there again. Maybe we can organize another V outing going there? Kahit overnight or two day trip! ^_^


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