Barb and Mark: 012412

Went to Barb and Mark’s wedding a couple of days ago – our first wedding for 2012 and I must say, it’s one of the most fun weddings I’ve ever attended for a number of reasons:
  • The couple had a raffle draw! I’ve never attended a wedding that gave out gifts/raffle prizes to their guests, but the couple actually gave a cell phone and some other items. Too bad we didn’t win.
  • Itchyworms played. A surprise from Mark as the band is Barb’s favorite. I’m not really familiar with their music but hey, who says I can’t have a good time? Especially since they played mostly familiar OPM tunes.
  • Great food. This is the third wedding I’ve attended which was held in the same venue and had the same caterer (the caterer must have a tie-up with the venue) in less than a year – Blue Leaf and K by Cunanan Catering, respectively. Knowing beforehand that the venue was Blue Leaf, I already made sure not to eat too much as I was expecting the same caterer and I had loved every dish they served at last two weddings I attended.

  • Their motif was yellow! This is the first wedding I’ve ever attended with this motif. Yellow is my favorite color (ok, fine, I’m also drawn to pink, powder blue, green, red and white, but this one is at the top of my list) and I had wanted this for our own wedding. But hubby put his foot down saying he didn’t want the entourage to look like walking bananas (yes, his exact words) so now I’m stuck with that dream. Hmm. I’m actually thinking of having another wedding celebration just to live out my dream wedding. Ha!
Personalized car plate. How cute!

Not sure what this is called- a “picture tree” maybe? Whatever it is, it’s one of the little details about the wedding that I liked
Yellow flowers! And I die of envy again.

They gave each of us tiny bells for when we want the couple to kiss.

I love the color yellow. It makes everything so sunny and bright and cheerful.

We munched on these while waiting for the reception program to start. Lookie! Yellow jelly beans and yellow personalized M&Ms.

My plate. Loved the roast beef. No – I didn’t eat all. For some strange reason, I felt full that night. 😦

Pumpkin soup. See? It’s still yellow!

Cute salad presentation. I almost thought it was a ham slice there (it’s a tomato actually).

Yummy refrigerator chocolate cake. Perfect dessert! And look! Cute cone-shaped marshies.

Guests can load up on these sweets (in short, take out galore) as the thoughtful couple had paper bags ready by the buffet table. So yes, I hoarded on jelly beans and marshmallows for Joey. Too bad the M&Ms were gone by the time I realized we can take them home.
Mojitos from the mobile bar

my 2nd glass of alcohol for the night
The happy couple. Love Barb’s gown. 😀

And of course, what event is complete without the requisite photo booth souvenir? 😛
Best wishes to Barb and Mark!

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