One Boring Saturday

Our maid suddenly decided to go on her day off today (well, hubby and I assumed that it was because her bf was somewhere nearby, after having spied on her phone a few days ago – more on why we read her phone in another post) and I was totally unprepared. Usually, my Saturdays are spent sleeping or just bumming around after a week of hard work and this particular weekend, I was feeling so tired. So, hubby and I decided to just drive around and look for a place where we can have dinner.
Initially planned on going to Mom and Tina’s in Pasig, but changed our mind when we saw Comida China de Manila (used to be Panciteria San Jacinto; not sure what brought about the name change but I believe it’s still owned by the same family and serves the same food) right beside it. I am not a big fan of Chinese food; never have been and I don’t think I ever will be but hubby’s favorite is Chinese and being soooo hungry (haven’t eaten since 10am and it was already past 6pm), I just agreed.
Joey teaching daddy how to make a funny face
Finished product
Initial impression? Not impressed. Typical panciteria/carinderia style, that is, black metal chairs and tables, and that atmosphere you always attribute to canteens. They do have some couch-seating by their bay windows which look out onto C5 and we were lucky we got there a little too early for dinner and got good seats. 
fried rice with asado and Chinese sausage
pork siomai
I let the hubby do the ordering, except to say that I wanted soup and hakaw. Well, since he did the ordering we ended up with nothing but dimsum – hubby loves his dimsum and I think he will survive eating just dimsum. Oh well, serves me for letting him decide on the food.
Food was good but nothing extraordinary. I did really enjoy the hakaw –the shrimp were seemingly dipped in a sweet, powdery mixture before being wrapped in sweet flour. It went well with the chorizo rice and chilli sauce. Oh, and I loved the bird’s nest soup with quail eggs, which we all gobbled up before I remembered to take a picture. Kiddo actually said he didn’t like it at first but as soon as hubby and I weren’t looking, he ate it all up. 😀
I like pasta but I am not too fond of pancit, and pancit canton is my least favorite member of the pancit family. But, Joey loves pancit canton so we ordered one serving for him. 
pancit canton

 Well, I wasn’t expecting him to finish the entire thing by himself, but look:

The aftermath after hurricane Joey went through the pancit canton

the brat holding his obviously full little tummy

happy kiddo
Verdict? Comida China is a nice restaurant where big families can eat together, especially if you all like Chinese food. Plus, the prices are very reasonable – our tab came in at around Php900 considering that we went away with very full tummies. I wouldn’t mind eating here again. You can check out their website here for directions on how to get there and the menu.

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