Big 3-0

I had a really fun time last Friday with my P&G friends as we celebrated my good friend Leah’s milestone 30th birthday. Eight hours of work + eight hours of fun! = happy campers! The birthday girl told us the dress code was something sparkly, shiny or glittery so that doubled the fun for me as you all know how much I love my sequins, crystals and beads. 🙂
First was dinner at Lusso where we surprised the birthday girl with a Prada cake:

Yey! We made the birthday girl forget WD3 so mission accomplished!

I just have to say I loved the food, the ambience and the impeccable service – it made us all feel pampered. I must make a mental note to come back here soon with the hubby.
We got the cake from Bake Happy. Since we weren’t really a creative bunch, we just told Marie that we wanted a round cake ala Devil Wears Prada. And voila! I can’t believe how pretty the cake turned out; in fact, everyone who saw it just went “AWWW.” And the cake itself did not disappoint – we got the red velvet flavour (we insisted that it was Leah’s favourite flavour, someting she never noticed before, but she orders a lot of red velvet flavoured-thingies) and it tasted good. We were kinda prepared to accept a cake that only looks good but doesn’t deliver on the taste but this one was a pleasant surprise. And everything was edible too! Well, except for the candle.
Yes, everything’s edible.

Look! Glittery ribbons on the red shoes! I just die looking at this.
Then it was drinks until morning at Skye Lounge, trying our best to finish the Absolut that came with our table. We talked, laughed and drank to our hearts’ content. Good times with good friends. We didn’t even notice the time, except that our feet were killing us after two or three hours of standing.
Too bad we were no match for the Absolut – we only finished half the bottle. A good thing that they let you leave the bottle and finish it some other time, provided you finish it all off within thirty days. So yeah, I guess we’ll be back here within the month.
Sharing the last pair of gambas

Happy birthday to my Pancake House/ranting session buddy and neighbour! Cheers to many more birthdays!
*You can get your custom cake from Bake Happy through Facebook or visit

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