The World According to Joey: Cow, Angry and Panda

Back when cow still had a crown, two nostrils and full limbs, and Joey was, well, a baby
Joey has been quite preoccupied with his Angry Bird stuffed toy, given to him last Christmas by his ninong Jere. If you’ve been avid fans of Joey, you all know Cow as well, his stuffed toy since he was a tiny two-month old baby. I was wondering how Angry (as Joey calls him) fits in so I ask Joey a month after Angry joined his “famlly.”

Me: Joey, is Cow your baby?
Joey: Yes, I’m Cow’s daddy.
Me: How about Angry? Is he Cow’s brother?
Joey: No, they’re just friends. Cow’s my baby.
Cow, at four years old, in our crudely-made shirt
Fast forward to a month after, I was playing with Joey and his two stuffed toy.
Joey: Mom, Angry is Cow’s brother.
Me: So you’re their daddy?
Joey: Yes. They’re my babies. (Seems Angry has levelled up).
Two weeks ago, my officemate JR gave me a panda stuffed toy which I found too cute to leave at the office, so I brought it home to show Joey.
Me: Joey, look! I have Panda to play with Cow and Angry. You can have him if you want.
Joey: (ignores Panda) No, I don’t like Panda. You can have him. I want you to have him.
And same with Angry, I found out that Panda is now the mommy of Joey’s two little “babies.” Yes, we figured out Panda was actually a girl – she had pink ribbons and a “love” sign written on her left foot.
Joey growing family.

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