The World According to Joey: 020912

Joey will be celebrating his 5th birthday this month. One lazy weekend as we were playing, I told him he’s going to be a year older.
Joey at two months old.
Joey: I’ll still love you mom, even when I’m five.
Me: How about when you’re six?
Joey: I’ll still love you when I’m six. Even when I’m a grown up.
Me: (quiet)
Joey: I’ll still do anything for my mommy even when I grow up.
Me: (quiet… teary-eyed)

At nine months
Kids… sometimes, I don’t want him to grow up. I wonder if he’ll still be as sweet when he’s much bigger. Sometimes I think I’m missing too much of his formative years and whenever I come home, I just want to hug him tightly.
Hubby and I went home late the other night, tired and hungry, only to find out that the maid did not prepare any dinner for us. Rather than cook, we decided to just eat out.
Hubby: Joey, mommy and daddy will just go out to eat. You stay here with your ate.
Joey: But I love you that’s why I want to go with you. Because I want to be with you.
Me (to hubby): Ok, try finding your way out of that one.
In the end, Joey ended up joining us. I mean, how could we have possibly said no to him?
The little brat sleeps with me and the hubby at night on our queen-sized bed. Before, it was a cozy fit but given that the little brat has been growing, Ipe and I have been relegated to hugging the walls (for my part) and edges of the bed (on hubby’s part) just so we can all fit. At times, one of us would end up on the couch just to get a decent sleep.
After a week of hubby and me alternating on the couch, I asked Joey if he can sleep in his own room (where we have already installed a double bed all in Cars-inspired sheets a year ago).
Me: Joey, do you think you can sleep here on your own? Ate will be using the other bed beside you (Joey’s bed has a pull out).
Joey: But I want to sleep beside my mommy.
Me: (turning a tearful eye to hubby)
Ipe: Fine. (He ends up on the couch).
Well, what can I say? Joey really knows what strings to pull to get us to say yes.
As a continuation of our discussion on sleeping arrangements, hubby was reprimanding the little brat for kicking me all over during the night.
Ipe: Joey, stop kicking mommy when you sleep. You’re hurting her. I don’t want to lose my mommy!
Joey: (matter of factly) You mean your wife.

One thought on “The World According to Joey: 020912

  1. Awwww. Ate, I was crying na until I read the last part. Hihihi! Joey's so adorable! I wish all happy things for Joey on his special day. I hope we get to meet him again soon! ^_^


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