V Day 2012

This year is perhaps one of the most memorable I’ve had for a couple of reasons (in no particular order, hehe):

  • Hubby surprised me with a bouquet of roses delivered to the office (although I actually got a hint yesterday when he asked me what floor my office was at the tower; I just didn’t point it out to him then coz I didn’t want to spoil the mood, hehe). What’s sweet about this is that this is the first time in six years that he gave me flowers (the last one was for my birthday back in 2006; he was feeling guilty coz he was on vacation in the US).
flowers from the hubby and a card from the boybie
  • Joey gave us a Valentine’s Day card. Even though he probably just copied it from the board, this is still the best card EVER. And his hugs and kisses this morning are undoubtedly one of the best presents I can wish for. 

  • Hubby and I decided to join the bandwagon and eat out. No, it wasn’t planned. We just got hungry after the traffic going home so we decided to try the newly-opened Gram’s Diner at the Fort.

Now, I’ve always been a fan of Gram’s Diner but this was many years ago; I’ve never been to Gram’s since they closed the Rockwell branch (the nearest branch I know of is at SM MOA and I’m too lazy to go there). I can’t even remember the menu (that long!) but I think they used to offer more choices. Anyway, the food was as good as I remember it; hubby and I finished off our salad and roast beef. A feat considering that we usually don’t eat an entire order of salad (and now you’re probably gonna ask me why we order it in the first place; I don’t know).  I like the cozy set-up of Gram’s (like Mr. Jones’ at Greenbelt and Mile-Hi Diner at Burgos Circle) – laid-back and yet not too casual like a fast food.

forgot the name – chicken/bacon salad ? – but they serve only one kind of salad so there. haha.

roast beef. order is big enough for two, just add extra rice. 🙂

And since it’s relatively new (I think it opened just a few weeks ago) and located in a not so convenient spot (for commuters, at least; it’s near the MC Home Depot, beside the drive-thru Starbucks), it’s not crowded so your time is not wasted.

Oh, and to cap it all off, I am munching gummy bears while reading a new book. 😀

I’m so OC – in case you didn’t notice, I arranged the gummy bears based on the colors of the rainbow, then backwards, then all white (to signify presence of all colors; but the truth is, I ran out of the other colors). 😛

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