Food Trip: Top of the Citi Take Two

I’ve been dying to try Top of the Citi a second time since my first wasn’t such a success (I didn’t like the food very much) and I just couldn’t reconcile this with all the hype about this place. Fortunately, I got my chance soon enough the other day.
Started the day with a hefty serving of clubhouse sandwiches – good enough but nothing spectacular. Then again, I can’t really figure out what would make clubhouse sandwiches spectacular; it’s a pretty standard fare. Oh, and I got the lemon grass tea to go with my sandwich. I am really loving lemon grass. I wish more restos would have this.

For lunch, I ordered their special set menu for that day. The menu changes every day so if you are planning to go there, better call and check. Another suggestion is to go their during lunch – their lunch set menu is quite manageable, price-wise, at around Php800++ per person but their dinner set menu is another thing. Ala-carte would easily cost you Php2,000 just to get a decent five course meal. 
seared tuna salad with seaweed and vinaigrette dressing
Now, back to my lunch. I must say I was really won over this time around. I loved the taste of the tuna /vinaigrette dressing/cheese on my salad; that slightly burnt fishy taste of the tuna and seaweed mixed with the salty cheese and sour dressing was enough to keep my taste buds busy. I don’t usually like salads (again, I must profess my love for Sonya’s) but I can imagine myself eating this one frequently.
pumpkin soup

I got the pumpkin soup with my meal. Nothing to say here; it was just okay. I still prefer the pumpkin soup over at Albergus. 
Next up – main course. Last time I ate here, I got the lamb curry. This time, I got the lamb steak which was infinitely better than the curry. The meat was very tender (think almost melts in your mouth) and flavoured right down to the tiniest morsel. I liked it so much I polished it off in less than ten minutes.

Lamb steak


Given that I have pretty much enjoyed my lunch up to this point, I was almost worried that dessert might disappoint me, like it did me last time. Trust, I don’t think I will ever suffer a craving for their raspberry sorbet. This time, the dessert included in the set menu was cookies and cream ice cream – one of my favourite variants of ice cream ever. 
Cookies and Cream
And what do you know? I think it was one of the better cookies and cream ice cream I have tasted. I never thought I’d say this but I probably liked it so much because it didn’t use Oreo (I love Oreo but I guess sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to eat something else on your ice cream) – the cookies were crisp and sweet/salty and it played well against the milky texture of the cream itself. Loved it.
So what’s my verdict? Well, I guess Top of the Citi is one of those hit/miss places. Sometimes they get things right, sometimes they don’t. My second time was a pleasant dining experience and my tummy can attest to that. But if I wouldn’t experiment too much on what to order – if I do come back, I think I would stick with what is popular with their customers or what I liked based on my two visits. 
*Sorry for the crappy photos. I forgot to bring my digicam and had to resort to using my not so techie Nokia.

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