Daily Fashion: Lace, Stripes and Butterflies

Whew. Such a long time with no fashion or beauty updates. Anyway, better start making up for it in time for my favourite season (yeah, as if we have so many I can choose from; and I like the cold season too, haha!).
Anyway, I’ve been dying to get my hands on anything from the Missoni for Target line launched last year (the same collaboration that caused Target’s website to crash due to customer traffic). But since we are unfortunately nowhere near a Target store and I practically had no chance of getting anything online, I had quite resigned myself to the possibility that I might never get anything.
Until I came across this tumbler page. And what do you know? There were some Missoni items there and the minute I saw one of the items that about my size, I just knew I had to have it.

My new babies! I was so excited when the package arrived last Friday.

Since it was going to be a long day of running all over the Metro today, I decided to put on my newest favourite dress, which also arrived last Friday. Perfectly comfortable yet dressy enough so I don’t look like a slouch even though I feel like one.

Lace dress, H&M; belt, Landmark; earrings from India; necklace, bangle, ring, Accessorize; bag, from a bazaar seven years ago!

I put touches of color through my shoes and my bright pink butterfly necklace.
Pardon my ugly feet. They may not be pretty but I was born with them, and therefore stuck with them for the rest of my life, and I do love them dearly.

Bright pink!


I think I’m all set for summer. What do you think?

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