Food Trip: Latitude

Thought I’d give you guys a breather by not posting anything for a week – honestly, I’m trying to redeem my reputation: you guys probably think all I do is eat. Well, kind of true anyway. Haha.
So, one lazy Saturday night, I chanced upon this discounted buffet meal at one of the group buying sites. I couldn’t resist – Traders Hotel is quite special for me and hubby and yet, we’ve never been back to this place since we got married. 
I wasn’t really expecting anything grand from the buffet. After all, it only cost me around Php1,200 for the two of us, and that already included bottomless drinks! A steal, right?

Salad and mussels

I started off with some fresh greens. What do you know? It tasted good, the leaves didn’t taste bitter or vegetable-y (is there such a word?), but you know what I mean. And they had plenty of dressings to choose from. Oh, and I had some huge fresh mussels topped with pineapples. VERRRYYY yummy.

My favorite plate – smoked salmon (heavenly!), big shrimp, squid, lots of cheese and crackers and potato salad

Oh, and one tip – do make sure to look at the other tables, especially those hidden behind columns. I almost missed the table with smoked salmon and different kinds of cheese. Good thing the hubby pointed it out to me, knowing how much I love salmon and cheese. The smoked salmon was very good. And I loved the cheese. I didn’t see a big crowd around this table – they probably missed it as well.

After that. the main dishes – I am not really good at experimenting with viands, I tend to choose those I am used to, except if they look very interesting or had ingredients that I am curious about. In this case, I didn’t find any that piqued my interest so I just got me some shrimp, roasted lamb, shiomai, and some beef with broccoli. The spread might not be much but they tasted alright.

I was too full for dessert by then (blame that pesky bottomless iced tea and the soup) that I just opted for fresh 
fruits. Besides, who could resist fresh mangoes? Hubby said there’s another table full of cakes and pastries but I didn’t venture there.

Verdict? I loved it. The ambience is great and the place is cozy; the spread wasn’t much, but for the price, it surpassed my expectations. I am definitely coming back.

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