Food Trip: Krazy Garlik

As much as I love vampires (way, way before Twilight made them cool; don’t believe me? Check out my high school yearbook – where my dream was to become one!), I love my garlic even more. Never mind garlic breath. I firmly believe the improved taste of food laced with garlic and the health benefits far outweigh the whiff of garlic on your breath.
Given this, consider me one of the biggest fans of Krazy Garlik. Mind you, it wasn’t just the garlic ingredient that keeps me fascinated by this resto – it’s the fact that I have yet to eat anything there that falls below my standard. I am not a picky eater as I can eat just about anything but I do know when something tastes good or not.
Anyway, last Sunday, we ended up at Greenbelt to watch a movie, hear mass and have dinner with friends (yes, hitting three birds with one stone – wouldn’t want to waste precious hours!) and ended up at Krazy Garlik.

We were all famished by then so we decided to get some appetizers – the Baba Ghanoush and Garlic and Anchovy Confection. I loved them both. So much I think I ate more than half the baba ghanoush and a third of the anchovy one. It hurt my tongue – I was nursing a severe allergic reaction to alcohol (which I stupidly gorged on the night before) and my tongue was swollen and probably blistering like my hands, so it hurt like hell whenever the garlic would touch it. But it was worth it.
Baba Ghanoush – a sesame pate with of course, garlic and served with bread

Garlic and Anchovy Confection – roasted garlic topped with anchovies on garlic bread

Hubby was so predictable in ordering the Garlicky Crispy Pata. But then, I couldn’t really blame him – this is seriously one of the best crispy pata’s. EVER. If you must order just one dish at this place, order this. You’ll love how crispy it is on the outside but oh so tender on the inside. And it is very pleasing to the eyes as well.

Garlicky Crispy Pata served with kimchi and soy sauce with vinegar

We didn’t end our ordering spree there – we also got the Grilled Squid and Krazy Garlic Veggies. Another confession: I love squid. But more often than not, I end up disappointed because too many restos botch up squid, you know, how it’s sometimes overcooked that it ends up a rubbery mess, or when it’s not clean enough and it smells and taste fishy and makes you want to gag. But at Krazy Garlik, I didn’t have to worry about it. It was perfectly cooked and tasted great. As for the veggies, well, I’m not a veggie person (but I do love tortang talong and okra), but I liked the taste enough to scoop a few spoonfuls onto my plate.

Grilled Squid

Krazy Garlik Veggies

Of course, it wouldn’t be right to order all those dishes without any rice to chow them down with, right? And since we couldn’t decide what to order, we decided to get both their specialty rice – Hara Kiri and Chinese Style Fried Rice (yeah, one Japanese and the other Chinese). According to our server, each is good for 2-3 but I guess he underestimated the eating capacity of two hungry girls and two boys. Hahaha. 
Hara Kiri – fried rice with chili, shrimp, squid, bacon and of course, how can you have fried rice without garlic?

Chinese Style Fried Rice – with sausage and Shiitake mushrooms, scrambled egg and garlic

And just to seal the deal, we got grape shakes to wash down all that garlic. Hubby got coke zero which was just too cute with its “100 years” logo at the back. 
Yummy grape shake – I edited this photo using my latest baby, an iPhone (yes, after four years, I succumbed to the biggest proponent of commercialism: Apple. But only coz it’s more convenient to tote around than have a phone, camera, laptop, notebook, ipod all at the same time. More on that in another post.)
I just had to use the 19th century effect on one of the photo editing apps I bought at the App Store. I seriously love vintage.


Prices at Krazy Garlik are quite high (our tab probably ran at Php750 each, without the discount) but luckily, I invested in a discount card which entitles me to a 20% discount at any partner establishment. Cool, I know. The card costs Php1,000 which you can easily earn back – it comes with vouchers for free appetizer at each of the seven partner restaurants (Stock Market, Flapjacks, PIgout, Itallianni’s, Fish&Co, TGI Friday’s). At around Php250 for each appetizer, you already save Php1,750! Plus, you get 25% off on your birth month. 
Anyway, I’m sure you can see for yourselves the benefits of getting the card – but only if you’ll be frequenting their restaurants. 

Forgetful me only realized when we got home that I have a free voucher for Baba Ghanoush. So expect to see me again at Krazy Garlik before my voucher expires on the 7th of April. 
*Krazy Garlik restos are at Greenbelt 5 and Resorts World. Okay, I think I’m sounding like a paid blogger. But I am not, you see. I just love this place and it shows. Haha.

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