Food Trip: Ying Ying

Two weeks ago, hubby and friends convinced me to go on a food trip somewhere in Binondo to what they dubbed one of the best Chinese fast food in town, so good they said “makakalimutan mo pangalan mo.” 
I am honestly not a big fan of Chinese food and am wary when I get dragged to these restos but I was game enough to give this one a go, especially after their pronouncements. 
And that’s how I discovered Ying-ying.
The place wasn’t fancy or anything, just your typical Chinese eatery (you know, where you wonder if what you’re eating is clean enough and you just conclude that whatever dirt and germs are in that place are probably what make the food so damn good). 
But true enough, the food was great. We had several kinds of dumplings and pork chops, hot shrimp salad, garlic spinach and a pork dish so oily it would have made adobo run on its hind legs.

What I do love about Chinese places is the free hot tea. 😛
Forgot what soup we got but I think it was bird’s nest?
Yup. Spring rolls! A must when you’re eating at any Asian resto/fast food!
Good ole porkchop
I can’t remember what this was called but it reminded me of adobo. Tasted a bit like it too although once it cooled down, I was to afraid of the oily film that coverted the entire thing to take another bite.
I think the winner(s) of the night were the dumplings, the spinach and the salad. So good. Their dumplings were the best I ever tasted. It’s crunchy on the outside but oh-so-soft on the inside. Plus, even the outer coating is so good – the right mixture of sweet, dough-y taste complementing the salty/spicy meat inside.

The best dumplings. Ever.

I am not a vegetable lover but I would turn all Popeye and gorge on spinach if it tasted like this. It reminded me of my teenage years when my parents would buy fresh spinach from our neighbor’s vegetable patch and boil them in garlic, much like this dish at Ying-ying’s. I think I ate nearly a cup of rice with just this.
Sorry for the crappy shot. I was in such a hurry to eat I wasn’t able to focus the cam properly.
The ubiquitous yang chao
Kind of anti-climactic but I had the hot shrimp salad last, as kind of a dessert. As most of you know, I’m actually allergic to seafood (alcoholic beverages, perfume, laundry detergents, dishwashing liquids, most bath soaps, lotions, dust, etc – the list goes on and on) so I try to save them for last so I can still enjoy the rest of my meal before my allergies kick in (I usually take Claritin after I eat, hehehe). 
It was just okay. Good, but I think I like the shrimp salad over at Lutong Macao better.
Chased down all that food with fresh mango shake served in a big beer mug. Cute.
Mango shake. It wasn’t anything special though. Not sure about the watermelon though, since all our friends were raving about it. I’ll make a point to order it next time.
My verdict? Noticed how I overused the word good in this post? Great Chinese food at very pocket-friendly prices. Will definitely be back.

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