Ciudad Fernandina Hotel -Vigan

I didn’t know what to expect from our hotel prior to getting there since it was new (it opened only a few weeks before our trip) and I couldn’t find any reviews online. But I knew we were in good hands the moment I laid eyes on our temporary home in Vigan: The Ciudad Fernandina Hotel.

I love the mix of wrought iron, wood, and capiz accents. This is my kind of hotel.

The hotel is perhaps the biggest one in the heritage village in terms of number of rooms, and certainly the most beautiful – no expense was spared in restoring an converting an old 18th century house into this sprawling four-storey hotel. Of course, being part of the heritage village, the hotel had to abide by restoration guidelines of the UNESCO, and I must say it was a good marriage of new and vintage.

The grand staircase – made of concrete but laden with kamagong and narra. I actually went down on my knees to knock on the wood and check if it was really kamagong and narra.
The hotel at night
Patio during the Seder Meal ceremony (I’ll write about this experience some other time)

My favourite spot in the hotel was the restaurant. Quite creative use, because this space used to be the garage of the old structure, hence, the circular doorway. The cement covering the red bricks were stripped off during the restoration and all that red brick really gave the place an old-world charm.I just can’t help associating red bricks to the Spanish era and I find dining here really romantic and cozy.
Entrance to the hotel restaurant.

Ok,maybe I spoke too soon. Probably my other favourite spot was the bedroom. It might be on the small side of things, but again, the key word here is comfort. Can you imagine how nice sleeping on 600-thread count linen could feel like? Well, I for one, don’t have to imagine anymore as this hotel offered me that. The bed was superb.

The superior room. The basics are all there: closet, study table, hot and cold water in the shower, fresh linens, LCD TV. But what won me over was THE BED.

Another thing I loved about this place was the use of wood – narra planks were used on the floor and as accents on the ceiling (alas, I couldn’t quite figure out what wood was used for the actual ceiling). And by planks, I refer to the long, wide pieces of wood, as opposed to the narra wood parquet so common in modern structures. 

View from the third floor terrace.

One other thing this hotel didn’t scrimp on? The artwork. I have to admit, I was really amazed at how many paintings hang on its walls! I didn’t even get a chance to see all of them as most of our stay were spent outdoors. The little time we spent in the hotel were either in our room or in the restaurant. 
Some of the paintings I was able to see were those that hang right outside our bedroom:

The hotel’s function room also has an impressive collection of old photos of Vigan taken from the late 19th century to the early 20th century.

Well, I can’t really think of anything more to say about this hotel since I would just end up gushing even more (isn’t it obvious that I loved this hotel?). I would definitely come back and I am recommending this to anyone thinking of going on a trip up north. For details on room rates and reservation, you can check their website.

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