Friday Night

Had a really long work week and I’m glad that I ended it with tapas and sangria with my former ranting session friend last Friday. 

We weren’t particularly hungry so we settled for tapas at Beso Cucina Vinoteka – one for two in my opinion. We got the ham/chicken and manchego cheese croquettes which was absolutely mouth-watering and the crispy fried shrimp, which was suprisingly so-so (I just hate it when I order a shrimp dish which doesn’t turn out to be very good). It was too “fishy” for me and I was turned off that aside from fried shrimps, our plate also had some fried dilis with it. 
Crispy fried shrimp
A good thing the croquettes were so good. . It was just the right mix of sweet and salty, and the texture was perfect. The cheese laid the perfect setting for the little pieces of meat and every morsel I took would melt right into my mouth. Note to self: order more of this next time.
Jamon, Chicken, and Manchego Croquetas
A carafe of sangria
Our next stop was dessert at Slice, right across Beso at the Bonifacio High Street extension. The place was bright and I don’t know why, but it reminded me of old family vacations in Tagaytay. Maybe it was because of the overall cheerful ambiance of the place.
I have a sweet tooth and I think it’s safe to say that I don’t easily get impressed by fancy cakes and pastries but I really liked the yema cupcake and the turtle cake.
Yema Cupcake, Php60
chamomile tea, Php100 per cup/teabag
Turtle cake, around Php150, my latest dessert obsession
I do have to note one thing – almost everything’s a little overpriced. I am okay with the cupcake and turtle cake prices, but the tea? I don’t think a box of this brand of tea would cost more than a couple hundred. And when I spied the open refrigerator behind, I almost died of the prices I saw there. Seriously, Coke Zero for Php70 and Nestle Yoghurt for Php120??? That’s like a 300% mark-up. Guess you have to make sure not to order those stuff if you can avoid it.
Other than that, I’d still recommend this place for the cakes so looks like I found another SLICE of heaven just ten minutes from where I live. 😀

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