Food Trip: SutrA

For some reason, last week was a really loooooooong week for me and even before Friday rolled in, I was ready to flop down with exhaustion. But of course, nothing, not even fatigue, can keep me from food and I was really hungry when I got off work so hubby and I decided to look for a new place at the Bonifacio High Street Central.
Which initially didn’t turn out to be the best idea – Globe was launching the Nokia Lumia that night and it was so loud and too full of people. Hubby and I ended at the 2nd floor overlooking the amphitheater and settled into one of the not so crowded place – SutrA.

SutrA is actually the first restaurant to open in BHS Central and is from the same family that gave us Zuni, Duo and Asya. I loved the interior – dim lights and red upholstery that gave that distinct exotic ambiance, but it kind of felt a bit cramped. Anyway, there’s al fresco dining if that’s more your style (although, with the unbelievably hot weather lately, I wouldn’t really recommend it).
I was too lazy to get up and take photos so pardon the limited view from my seat.

The menu which looked as exotic as the interior of the place

Since it was past 9 and we were really hungry, we polished off the free bread they served us – nothing fancy, just mini pandesal-like with butter but I enjoyed it. But one look at our appetizer and hubby and I knew we were in for a treat.

Antipasto Platter, Php450 – Lyoner, Prosciutto, Bologna, Brie, Roquefort, Gouda, Grapes

It was perfect! I love me some cheese and cold cuts and that’s the first station I head to at hotel buffets. The staff were kind enough to serve us more bread – and I lost no time in piling the cheese and meat on it. The grapes were a nice touch to offset the tangy taste of the cheese and the salty meat; kind of helped prep our taste buds for the next dish.
US Prime Tenderloin, Php1200 for 200g

Let me just say this: the tenderloin was superb. It must have taken hours in the pressure cooker to get the meat to be this good. I am peppering my description with a lot of superlatives but it was a mouth-watering melts-in-your mouth perfection. And the fried/baked potato siding with cream filling was a nice partner to this dish.

Baked Rigatoni, Php320 – with chicken, hungarian sausage and loads of parmesan cheese

Our next entree was the baked rigatoni. Funny thing, while we were eating this dish, I kept on getting the chicken tenders and sausages that I had to ask hubby if we really ordered pasta. It was meaty and cheesy and very good as well. I liked the oily mixture which was left on the plate after we ate all the pasta, and I used it as a dip for the left over pieces of bread. Yum!

I was honestly so full by then that I didn’t think I could squeeze in more but I was determined to try what they have for dessert so we got their dessert sampler…
Dessert sampler , Php375 – a scoop of ice cream, mangoes and strawberries, and moist chocolate cake
…which was kind of a let down. After being treated to the most wonderful entrees I’ve had in a while, I was quite disappointed with the dessert. The ice cream was Selecta Hazelnut (cannot be denied – it’s our favorite flavor so we knew right away) and while I’m all for patronizing local products, I was expecting more. And the cake was a snooze. I have baked better.
I did love the mango and strawberry in syrup, but I felt that the dessert was a bit overpriced.
Overall, the food was great, the service quite impeccable (I didn’t feel like the staff were intruding yet I felt pampered and attended to), and the ambience perfect for a little date (although the small space leaves you with little privacy).  It’s a bit pricey – our tabe came at Php 2,800 with service charge – but you know what? It was so good we didn’t mind the price tag at all. In short, we got what we paid for.
Would I recommend it? Definitely. And I am going to try that ostrich next time. You can check out their menu here.
PS. I was kind of surprised that I ended up loving this resto when I learned that it’s owned by the same family who owns Duo (which I didn’t like at all).

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